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10 Things Hitler Would Have Done If He Won The War


He was so confident in the final victory that he had already planned to share the world with the Japanese. Did you ever wonder what else would Hitler do if he won the war?

Adolf Hitler and all members of the Third Reich were convinced that they would win in World War II. That is why they did not only prepare combat plans, but also worked in detail for plans for reign after the victory.

1. Returning the land to American Indians

Source: crosscut.com

The Nazis were ready for genocide, but when it comes to American Indians, the Nazis have surprisingly accepted them. When Americans are beaten, the Nazis promised, they will return the American land to the natives. They worked with a group called the American Indian Alliance and recruited them as fascist sympathizers. Some members of the group were not just sympathizers, and they became true sworn Nazis. Chief Red Cloud adorned the garments of the swastikas and embraced the idea that Jews are called the “children of Satan.”

2. Space mirror

Source: dailymail.co.uk

No doubt, one of the most unusual Nazi designs was the huge space mirror space. Namely, the Nazis planned to put a huge mirror of 1.6 kilometers in orbit above Earth at 35.900 kilometers. They planned to use it as weapons of the universe and the focused Sun power could burn any point on Earth.

3. The Asian Area of Common Progress

Of course, Japan had its own plans. In their war rooms, the Nazis and the Japanese have already had plans for new empires from all over the world. The Japanese have agreed to rule all parts of the world east of the 70th meridian, giving them the largest part of India. The Japanese Empire chose to go with the friendly name “The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.” It was an empire filled with friendly words chosen to deter you from their dark, threatening meanings. The people of each conquered nation will be trained to be “leaders of their people” by turning them into Japanese puppets.

4. Nazi Living Wall

Nazi defense against the new Japanese Empire had to start in the 70th Meridian in the East. Over time, they were sure, there would be a war between the two new rulers of the world and they should be ready. The plan was to establish a “living wall” of German colonists, namely childbearing children, who would stay along the boundaries and gave birth as much as they could. Everyone capable of serving 12 years in the Nazi army had to be sent to the east border, giving him a farm and a gun and order that there be as many little Nazis as possible.

5. Creating the US-British War

Source: http://countryliving.ws

Despite things he personally said in a private conversation with the Red Cloud, Hitler publicly claimed that there were no plans to attack the United States. The idea, a journalist of the Life magazine said, was “fantastic as an invasion of the moon“. Hitler accused people as being paranoid and as warmongers, anyone who thought that war was his true intention and he stated that such claims are “profitable for their job”.

But when the Americans did not listen, he turned the board. “My feelings against the Americans are the feelings of hatred and profound revulsion,” he once told his staff. “Everything about the behavior of American society is revealed by the fact that half of them are Jews, and the other half is nigger-lovers.” Still, he did not think he would have to occupy America. Before America entered the war on the side of the Allies, he was sure he is going to use them as an opportunity to attack the United Kingdom. And when they joined, Hitler insisted that it was all just a part of the long-term plan to remove the British.

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