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10 Things Hitler Would Have Done If He Won The War


6. Enslaving Eastern Europe

It is not a surprise that the Nazis were determined to kill every Jew on the planet, but their plans for genocide did not stop there. Slaves in Eastern Europe were the next “racially undesirable” group to be eradicated. At the time when the war has not even began, Hitler had already started contemplating on his evil plans. The plan was called Generalplan Ost and was a systematic operation to erase the Slavs and their culture from the face of the planet. The first target were the leaders. Before the war was over, the Nazis had “liquidated” the Soviet elites and all those who had a cultural influence. But if Nazis have conquered Russia, they would have started deporting 31 million Slavs to Siberia to work as slaves in forced labor camps. Others would be sent to a slave trade made according to the American slavery model. And in order to replace them, 10 million ethnic Germans should be sent to start a new, racially pure family. Within 30 years, 50 million people would be deported to robbery camps or killed. Almost all Eastern Europe would be erased.

7. Gandhi’s Murder

Source: businessinsider.com

In 1938, before the war, Hitler advised the British Foreign Secretary. “Kill Gandhi,” he told him. “And if that’s not enough to reduce them to a tolerable level, shoot a dozen leading members of the Congress.” As far as Hitler is concerned, the British gave too much freedom to the peaceful protests of Mahatma Gandhi. Hitler thought that the Indians were the “lower race” that was to be subjected to Aryan rule – and assumed after he takes over the world, he planned to put the tips he gave the Brits into his own action.

8. Enslaving All the Britons

While the war broke out and the Brits refused to surrender, Hitler’s positive feelings toward the British began to fade. After a while he only wanted to destroy them – and he already had a plan to do it. If Britain fell under the Nazis, they wanted to introduce a new law. Every male between the ages of 17 and 45 should be transferred to continental Europe where they would be forced to work as slaves.

9. Establishing Muslim power in the Middle East

Hitler was surprisingly pro-Muslim oriented. Both he and Heinrich Himmler complained that Germany was a Christian country. Hitler said: “Muhammad’s religion would be much more compatible with us than Christianity.” Earlier he had promised the Middle East to Italy. But as the war continued, he began to change his story. He found a related soul in Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Jerusalem’s great Mufti, who told him they had the same enemies:

“The English, the Jews and the Communists.”

10. Converting People to Jehovah’s Witnesses

Source: holocaustartifactbox.wikispaces.com

This does not mean that the entire Nazi empire would be Muslim, even though Heinrich Himmler made his plans, Eastern Europe would turn into another religion: Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Nazis have killed tens of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses in concentration camps. But even tho he had slain them on a mass scale, Himmler respected the religion, strangely. “If their fanaticism can be used for Germany,” he said once, “we will be stronger than we are today.”

Share this so others might see it as well. It’s important to learn of his horrific acts so that younger generations may avoid repeating same mistakes.

Featured image used by source: businessinsider.com, dailymail.co.uk

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