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Doctors Wanted To Remove Life Support But Then His Dad Pulled Out A Gun

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Image source: Click 2 Houston Screenshot

Dad was utmost certain that if he just had 3 to 4 hours with his son alone, he would prove the hospital staff wrong and have proof his son isn’t “brain dead”. At that time George Senior realized he would need to resort to drastic measures to ensure his son’s well being. Desperate father has gone home and brought a gun to hospital which he used to threaten the hospital staff.

Almost immediately Police and S.W.A.T. team arrived on the scene while George’s other son took the gun away from him. Moments later he told the Police he has another gun on him and locked himself in the hospital room with his sick son. S.W.A.T. officers started negotiating with the father in hopes of  rescuing them both.

Fortunately George got to confirm his hopes: “During that three hours, George squeezed my hand three or four times on command.”

Moments later, the medical team confirmed father’s claims and the proceeding to end patient’s life was halted. Moments later, Pickering surrendered to Police peacefully. Police indited him with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  One of the charges was dismissed while the other charge was diminished to a state jail felony.

Pickering’s lawyer Phoebe Smith, later stated: “This case has always been about a father protecting his son, when his son couldn’t protect himself”.


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