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During The Exam This Student Was Acting Strange


Professor gives a final to all 400 of his students in Psych 101.

As time draws near, all the students are clearly stressed out, desperately trying to answer all the questions except one.

The professor counts down the last 10 seconds on his watch and calls out to the hall, “Time is up, pencils down, pass your exams up to the front.”

All the students put down their pencils and pass their exams to the front, except one. As the other students file out of the hall, the professor notices one student still working on his exam. He says nothing and begins to stack up the other 399 exams.

5 minutes pass and the lone student is still working on his exam.

The student finally puts down his pencil and walks to the front of the room.

The professor looks at the student and says, “I cannot accept your exam because you didn’t stop when the exam was over. I’m sorry.”

The professor goes back to stacking up the exams.

The student clears his throat and says quietly, “Sir, do you know who I am?”.

The professor, expecting the student to explain how rich and influential his father is, is quite angry. “I do not know who you are, nor do I care. I do not make exceptions for anyone.”

The student smiles and walks over to the unsorted exams, places his exam on the pile and proceeds to shuffle the exams and walks out.

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