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Touching Story About A Woman Who Gave The Best Wedding Present Of Them All


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This is a touching story of a young woman by the name of Rose who has taken up on the duty of being a maid of honor so she would not offend a long-time friend. Although her family lives modestly, with only 250 Euros per month, Rose and her husband placed the last 20 euros they had in the envelope and went to the wedding. When her friend, the bride, picked up the microphone and started to read, in front of everyone, how much money did the people put in the envelopes, Rose felt ashamed like never before in her life.

“I’ve been waiting for my best friend’s wedding for a lifetime, she is like a sister I never had.” – Rose stated.

“We took the last 20 euros in the house and placed it in the envelope, but  I felt like the worst person in the world. Somehow I went through the bad feeling as the celebration was going on. People were drinking, dancing and generally having great fun. The worst moment was when, after collecting the envelopes with the money, she decided to take the microphone and open it one at a time to read how much money people gave! I was devastated! ” – Rose said.

Maid of honor says, she experienced this specific custom for the first time, but that was the custom of the groom and the bride, her friend, simply had to respect it. In the expression of her friend’s face, Rose saw how uncomfortable the bride actually is with going through with this specific obligation.

“As she opened the envelopes, I was dying with every new one being opened, and the numbers of 100, 200 and 500 euros were called out, leaving our envelope for the end.  When she opened my envelope, me and my husband were beginning to blush with shame and started getting ready to leave the wedding as quickly as possible before the last enveloped is opened. Then suddenly, my friend proudly announced on the microphone, before 500 guests, that she had received 1000 euros from her best friend, her maid of honor – Rose!” – when I heard that I was completely frozen and shocked. The guest started cheering and clapping as the amount was called out, obviously impressed by the amount.

“I was thinking oh my Gosh, what are these people as in my ears the amount of 1000 euros ringed in my ears. I never even saw that amount of money, yet alone had it in my hands. After a few minutes the bride came to me and gave back our envelope saying that she knows we aren’t in the best financial situation and she wants to give back the money as my friendship is more important to her that anything else. At this point the tears of joy started running down my face.”

“When I got home I realized that she did actually opened the envelope because next to my 20 euros there were another 500 euros. There was also a note saying: “Thank you my friend, I’m proud to have you in my life!”

Ratherfun’s note: In a world where money is perceived above everything else, stories like these bring back faith in humanity and shows us all how friends for life can’t be bought, rather gained through impeccable good deeds.

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